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About Me


I empower and mentor people to help take them from where they are NOW to where they want to be in Life & / or in Business.
Offering 1-2-1 coaching sessions, group coaching courses & online courses
I empower you, I keep you accountable & I help you reach those goals.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been passionate about helping others achieve success, even when I wasn't doing so great myself.

As someone who has gone from being a single parent with 28K debt, 2 failed previous businesses through silly mistakes and relying on the benefit system to now an entrepreneur with 3 successful businesses, healthy finances and a life I choose to live it seems only right I help others achieve success in their life.

One of the harshest lessons I learned was that I was 

1 - Taking advice from all the wrong people

2 - You can't and shouldn't rely on friends & family in business.


Sadly like me previously, so many people are taking advice from the wrong people.

People are taking Business advice from people who have no idea what it takes to set up and run a successful business

People are taking weight loss and health and wellness advice from people with NO formal qualifications or understanding of how the body works and how more than just food and exercise effects not only the body but also the mind.

Then I finally learnt that successful people all had 1 thing common, they ALL had coaches and mentors who were already steps ahead of them, who were already achieving what they were hoping to achieve. That these mentors were helping people also get to the same place with less mistakes and errors along the way.

So now years on with those harsh lessons learnt, many thousands of pounds spent and years of learning the right way and developing my knowledge it seems only right I help others achieve success in their life but for a lot less money, time and bullshit.

We will cut to the chase and keep it real and honest.

I will be that annoying friend that doesn't necessarily tell you what you want to hear but keeps you focused, on track and supports you through your journey to personal and/or professional success.
And if we don't think we can help, or we feel we are not the best person for your goals we WONT take your money.

I offer my services in the following ways.

Personalised and specific to you 1-2-1 success plans.

Whilst group Coaching is great, the reality is we can't cater for everyone with every goal and need so they do have to be more generalised which can sometimes slow you down and cause you to spend out more money in the long run. 

With 1-2-1 coaching; your sessions are specific to you only and are specifically planned around your next steps & desired outcome.

There is a minimum 3 month commitment sign up to NEW customers. either you are serious about the next steps or your not and if your not, well I don't want to waste either of our time. After your initial 3 month's with me you then move on to a 30 day rolling plan.

Here you can pick from my weekly, fortnightly and monthly plans to suit your finances and time.

Live Group success sessions.

This is a group set course where we are focusing on 1 particularly area for the advertised amount of time, where training and strategy plans are done either in person or via group webinars and zoom calls and Facebook group support. 

Online distant learning courses.

We also offer focus area courses as a workbook & downloads for people who either can't attend our group courses OR prefer to go it alone in their own time without the accountability and strategy sessions and with email support only. More details on this coming soon.

Some of our specialist areas are:

  • Building websites, social pages, google pages and linking them all together

  • Creating & building businesses including financial goals and tracking 

  • Achieving life & personal goals, from small short term ones to life long ones

  • Smash your personal or professional goals with our accountability strategy

  • Health, wellness, weight loss & management

  • Quit your 9-5 and become an entrepreneur / business owner

  • Progress your entrepreneur journey / small business journey and take the next steps

  • Fit Pro's - increase your class numbers and grow your customer base including creating passive income

  • Single parent struggles including balancing finances

  • Shape up your finances and rid bad debt 

If you would like to book a free 20 minute consultation carried out via Zoom please book here

I love collaboration work and community work so if you would like to discuss this in more details please either pop me an email or book a free consultation with me using my booking calendar.

Office Meeting

Successful Entreprenuership & Small businesses

Escape a career that does not fulfil you

Not every wants or is cut out for the typical 9-5 job or a career where someone else is always pulling the strings.

That was me all over, despite how many other "jobs" I tried and with different organisations I knew deep down I longed for being my own boss, for setting my own diary.

I longed for the days I could be at home with my son when he was poorly without feeling guilty or being rushed to return.

I longed for the days I could take time out for schools runs, sports days & birthdays hassle free.

And that's EXACTLY where I am at now ......

I control my time, my diary, my salary

and to me THAT in itself is TRUE wealth

So whether your looking to get started on your journey or you've already started and want support to develop and grow we can help.

Chart on the digital tablet screen.

Set your goals, stay accountable, SMASH those goals

NOBODY achieve success alone

Every successful person will tell you they did with the support of coaches and mentors.

We've all heard the saying "2 heads are better than 1"

Most of us have heard the saying "sometimes the person who created the problem is NOT the best person to create the solution"

So why wouldn't you speed up your success by reaching out to others for support and guidance who are already ahead of you in business and / or in life.

Why wouldn't you seek out training and support from someone who is already achieving what your looking to achieve.

Genuine people LOVE helping people

They LOVE seeing others succeed

So don't struggle alone when you don't have to.

Group Hug

Shape up your finances.

Lets work on relieving that stress & worry causing sleepless nights

As someone who has been a single parent , in 28k debt, relying on benefits worrying how I would put food on the table that week I know all too well the impact money worries can have and I feel SO god dam blessed to no longer be in that position.

With this subject area I tread very carefully to offer you tips, guidance, strategies, set tasks and offer contacts of qualified professionals to help you get to a more positive financial position free from sleepless nights & everyday struggle.

**I am not a financial advisor and I will never attempt to give you suggestions on stocks, shares, investments or other services regulated by the FRC**


Fit Pro's & independant instructors

Keeping up with a frequently changing industry

Having been in the industry 16 years I know all to well how quickly things and trends change.

It is sad to see instructors earning less now that what i did 16 years ago after completing my first lot of YMCA qualifications here in the UK.

I've gone from working for Health & Fitness organisations, to a self employed instructor to now owner of a UK wide Dance Franchise. Constantly coaching other Fit Pros & instructors within my franchise, I believe I can help you keep your classes thriving and help you build passive income ready for when you want to slow down and teach less

Fitness Class
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